Building Strong, Resilient Communities

Revitalizing distressed communities in North Texas through loans and technical support for affordable housing financing and job creation.

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Our Purpose

Community Revitalization

When neighborhoods suffer, the whole community suffers.

The ADVANCE Community Fund is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization focused on poverty alleviation through the revitalization of distressed neighborhoods. Utilizing a holistic, integrated approach, the ADVANCE Community Fund benefits underserved communities by reducing barriers and ensuring equal access to affordable housing and family-sustaining jobs.

Our Focus

Affordable Housing & Job Creation

The North Texas ADVANCE Community Fund is focused on poverty alleviation by reducing barriers and addressing the core drivers of neighborhood resiliency, including affordable housing and job creation.

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Affordable Housing

Loans for affordable housing financing for the construction, acquisition and rehab of PSH, multi-family and single-family homes.

Participation in qualifying mixed-use projects

Exploration of innovative, affordable housing solutions

Technical Assistance | Advance Community Fund | Community Council DallasTechnical Assistance

Technical assistance to housing agencies & community-based organizations

Economic development assistance

HGE & nonprofit capacity building

Community development financial services & financial literacy programs

Opportunity workforce | Advance Community Fund | Community Council DallasOpportunity Workforce

Acceleration of job creation in low-income communities

Job training and creation of family living wage

Development programs supporting Opportunity Youth for long-term success

CDFI loans Dallas – CDFI bank Dallas – Affordable housing finance Dallas – Job creation financing Dallas – Advance Community Fund Dallas & North Texas

Our Strategic Goals

Initial Launch

  • Expand affordable housing in North Texas
  • Be a catalyst for community revitalization & equitable development solutions
  • Collaborate with nonprofits, government agencies, and anchor institutions to accelerate impact

Future Expansion

  • Convene CDFIs and CDCs to significantly expand funding opportunities across North Texas
  • Seek to participate in the Treasury bond program as a CDFI intermediary and major bond issuer
  • Create local, regional and national affiliations and strategic partnerships within the CDFI landscape

-National CDC-CDFI

Community Revitalization

The future of community development lies in turning the architecture of community development to meet the urgent challenges of human development.

We must turn a successful community organizing and real estate development system toward the goal of increasing educational success, family asset building, individual and community resilience to weather setback.

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