Michael Yorba | Advance Community Fund

Chairman, Advance Community Fund

Financial Executive. Business Leader. Community Builder.

  • WFN1 News Corporation, CEO & Chairman
  • Host of Commodity Classics and The traders Network financial education programs
  • BLMG Holdings Advisory Board Member
  • Former CEO of Media Data Networks
  • Former Partner, Host and Producer of  Crowd Funding investment series

More than 30 years of experience corporate and personal finance, financial education, and business leadership.

Community Revitalization

 Advance Community Fund focuses on building strong, resilient Communities through access to affordable housing & job creation.

More About Michael Yorba


For over thirteen years Michael Yorba has been integrally involved with the media industry in various capacities including building an IPTV Network, developing, producing and hosting daily one-hour talk shows entitled “Commodity Classics” and “The Traders Network.” These live, daily broadcasts on radio, TV and on the internet define what an audience-empowered, interactive financial program should look like and have been viewed and enjoyed internationally by IPTV enthusiasts in over 78 countries.

Yorba with his team has also tapped into the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain genre by being the go to media at many of the Conferences focused on this area.

“Having my hand on the pulse of finance, it was a great avenue to assist in messaging that has lead many in the blockchain space to secure exposure that lead to investments for their particular blockchain,” said Michael Yorba, Advance Community Fund Chairman.  “I’ve also had the opportunity to get a first hand look into the brilliant ideas that are changing the way finances and data could be montetized such as the story I covered on Timicoin.io when I interviewed UFC Michael Bisping, Ambassador and investor for this healthcare blockchain and the Managing Director, Will Lowe,” added Yorba.

TransMedia Group, a full service PR firm is one of the many firms, companies and people to pitch story ideas and/or advertise on his show and was happy to provide a statement.

“Just doing a pitch and setting up a pre interview, Michael Yorbas conversation gave me many ideas and additional resources that led to some great opportunities for my clients,” said Adrienne Mazzone, President, TransMedia Group and PR Point person for many clients that fit this space including ADX365.com and Timicoin.io to name a few.  “The interview is informative with all the right questions and gave me more leverage to share with others interested in learning more about my clients,” Mazzone added.

Michael’s broad financial background includes previous positions associated with Corporate Finance, Commodity Futures and Securities Trading. Among the various licenses he held are: #4 Registered Options Principal, #7 General Securities Broker, #63 Ethics, #22 Direct Participation Programs, #3 Futures Broker, #30 Futures Branch Manager and #39 Direct Participation Principal.

Another key focus during that portion of Michael’s professional life was on derivative portfolio analysis.  Michael will take you to the financial light by way of media reach, not to mention all his resources he’s met along the way with his experience, interviews and advice.

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